Warranty & Care

Mattress Warranty & Care Instructions

Majestic’s warranty codes can be found at the bottom of the product description as well as listed on your purchase invoice. If you do have a warranty inquiry, please contact us using the form found on the Contact Us page or by calling 1-855-410-2337. Please note, it is your responsibility to maintain your receipt for warranty. No receipt = No warranty.

Warranty Codes & Descriptions

Warranty CodeTotal Limited Warranty Period
(In Years)
Period For No Charge* Repair or Replacement
(In Years)
Repair Cost During the Warranty Period
(If Applicable)
A1011/10 of dealer retail price times number of years of use*
B711/7 of dealer retail price times number of years of use*
C511/5 of dealer retail price times number of years of use*
D311/3 of dealer retail price times number of years of use*
E111 Year
Z00Not Applicable*

Warranty Information

MAJESTIC MATTRESS MFG. LTD. prorated Warranty covers the following

  1. Manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials of the sleep set.
  2. Faulty posture pads, foam, cotton or other insulators except where abuse or soiling has caused the defect.
  3. Inner spring defects except those resulting from improper care.
  4. Box spring foundation construction faults arising from frame construction or wood quality. Warranty is void if not supported on an approved frame. Queen units must have an additional center cross support frame.

All mattresses and box springs purchased separately carry no warranty.* This warranty does not include defects in quilted covers. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace (at our option) any defects in the mattress or foundation exclusive of transportation costs, If a defect is observed, contact the MAJESTIC dealer from which your set was purchased. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to provide proof of purchase including purchase date to validate this warranty. This warranty applies to the original purchaser and is non transferable.

Any abuse, soiling or improper foundation support may cause this warranty to be void. Please consult your dealer for foundation requirements.

* some exceptions may apply

Warranty Code: A B C D E Z

Care Instructions For your New Sleep Set

  • Do not bend or stand your mattress on end as this may damage the inner spring. It is not advisable to stand or jump on your mattress as this may cause damage.
  • Always keep your bedding clean & dry. A mattress pad will protect your quilted topper for years to come.
  • The matching foundation is essential when purchasing a new mattress. This will provide the proper support for your new sleep set. If the matching foundation is not used, it may result in damage to your inner spring unit and discomfort.
  • Remember, Queen and King sleep set require a metal foundation frame with a rigid center support. Failure to properly support your box spring will void your warranty.
  • Following there care instructions will provide lasting enjoyment, added comfort and continuing support from your new MAJESTIC sleep set.
  • Under normal use of your mattress, body impressions in the unit may appear. These impressions are not a defect, but rather, the mattress adjusting to the individual contours of your body. In order to evenly distribute these impressions and increase lasting comfort, we suggest that you regularly spin your mattress at least every four weeks.

Rotation Instructions For Your Mattress

Now a days, most mattresses are Non Flippable, so we are limited as to how we can rotate them. Obviously, if you have a No Flip single, single XL, double and queen size, you can only rotate the mattress 180 degrees. This should be done every 4 weeks.

If you have a No Flip king size mattress, you have more options! A king is almost square. It measures 76X80”. We recommend that you quarter turn your king mattress every 4 weeks. That is, a 90 degree rotation every 4 weeks. A king mattress, over time, will typically get a “high spot” in the middle. This is normal and is caused by the 2 piece foundations meeting together along with all the supports in the middle of the sleep set. When you see this “high spot” in the middle of your mattress developing, we recommend a simple quarter turn of the mattress only. This will get that “high spot” positioned side to side rather than head to toe. Now your bottom of your body will flatten down that annoying “high spot” and your king mattress will feel like new again! After rotating your mattress to this new position, it will hang over the outer edge of the foundations slightly. This is OK. We recommend you move your mattress close to your headboard so your pillow won’t get lost in the gap and position the mattress so there is an even overhang on both sides of the foundations. When that “high spot” starts to develop again, you will know what to do!

Please note that the handles on your mattress are for positioning of the mattress on your foundation only…NOT for lifting your mattress.