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Benefits of Being a Morning Person

Benefits of Being a Morning Person

Some mornings, all we want to do is hit the snooze button over and over again. Just the thought of opening our eyes exhausts us. But there’s a reason why high-profile people like Michelle Obama and Tim Cook choose to wake up early every morning. There are several advantages of being a morning person, including extra time and a happier lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider waking up a little bit earlier:

Extra Time

Waking up a few hours earlier will give you extra time for many necessary things we often push aside. The first is “me time.” When you wake up before anyone else, you have time to do things for yourself. “Me time” is different for everyone, but it could mean reading a book, writing in a journal, or meal prepping. Doing activities for yourself will make you feel accomplished and ready for the day.

Another very necessary activity we often push off is exercise. Studies show that when you wake up earlier, you are more likely to do exercise, which ultimately improves your health and happiness.

Happier Lifestyle

Another benefit of being a morning person is that you’re more likely to live a happier lifestyle. A study done in 2012  found a tendency in those who wake up early to report a higher level of happiness than those who wake up late. Although waking up earlier does not directly cause one to be happier, early sun exposure and morning relaxation have an effect on your mood.

In rising early, you might also find that your mental health improves. Sometimes we feel rushed because there is too much to do in a day. Dr. Constantine George, the chief medical officer of Epitomedical in Las Vegas, says “the morning allows you to get a jumpstart on the day and removes the sense of rush you feel throughout the day, which results in better mental health overall.” Having time in the morning to ease into your day is important because the feeling of being rushed is linked to the stress hormone cortisol, which, research has shown, is linked to an increase in anxiety and weight.


These are only some of the benefits of waking up early. So, the next time you’re about to hit the snooze button, think about how you might benefit from waking up on the first alarm.

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