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Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Mattress

Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Mattress


There’s a common misconception that you don’t need to clean your mattress as long as you clean your bedsheets regularly. But this can’t be farther from the truth.


Although your sheets catch a lot of our dandruff and sweat from your nights sleep, plenty makes its way to the mattress itself. This isn’t surprising when you learn that adults lose 10 ounces of fluid every night through sweat and up to one pound of dead skin every year while sleeping.


It’s unrealistic to clean your mattress as often as you wash your bedsheets, but you should be cleaning it every 6 months or at the change of every season.


As you can imagine, sticking to a bed cleaning routine will improve the quality of your sleep since you won’t be sleeping in dust mites, dead skin, and dandruff that all create allergens. You’ll also sleep better knowing you’re not lying in your own dead skin!


When it comes to mattresses, though, you can’t clean it the same way you clean everything else, especially because you don’t want to get it wet. Knowing this, here is everything you need to do deep clean your bed:


Strip your Mattress


Step one in cleaning your mattress is to strip it of its sheets. Take everything off, including your mattress protector, and put it all in the washing machine.


Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum


Step two is to vacuum your bed. The vacuum will be your best friend when cleaning your mattress because it’s one of the only ways to really get those dust mites out of the fabric. Take your time when vacuuming. Be thorough by getting into all the seamlines and upholstered indents.


While you’re vacuuming, be sure to do the footboard and bedframe. This is your time to finally clean those hard-to-reach places.


Treat Spots and Stains


Because you don’t want to saturate your mattress, treating spots and stains can be a little tricky. To avoid ruining your bed, avoid applying stain-removers and water directly onto it.


Apply enzymatic cleaners to a clean, white rag, then dab the product onto the stain. Once the stain starts to lift, dab it with a damp cloth. Repeat this process over all the stains.


If you don’t want to use any stain removers on your mattress, you can use dish soap and water.


Cake your Bed in Baking Soda


Although dusting baking soda all over your mattress sounds counter intuitive to cleaning, it’s one of the best ways to clean your mattress.


As the baking soda sits on your mattress, it absorbs any oils, acids, and body fluids that have been nesting in it for months on end. Baking soda also reduces any odors that might be clinging to your bed.


You’ll want to keep the baking soda on your mattress for several hours if you can. Do this in the morning before you leave the house.


Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum… Again!


After the baking soda has sat on your mattress for a few hours, vacuum it all up. This is the final step in deep cleaning your mattress.


Now after all of this, you can apply your clean sheet and sleep soundly knowing your bed is spotless.


Protect your Mattress


Deep cleaning your bed is a big job. So, make it easier on yourself by protecting your mattress from body fluids, allergens, and accidental spills. A mattress pad is a fitted sheet that has a soft and absorbent terry cloth that protects your bed. This will make your bi-yearly clean up a whole lot easier.


To learn more about cleaning and protecting your mattress, call Majestic Mattress in Kelowna and West Kelowna. We are happy to help you learn about increasing the longevity of your mattress, so you can get the most out of your investment.