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The Best Pillow for Your Sleeping Position

The Best Pillow for Your Sleeping Position

We recently wrote a blog featuring the best mattress for your sleeping position. Sleeping on the right mattress will greatly improve your sleep quality, but it’s not the only factor you need to consider. Your pillow can make a huge difference. If you regularly wake up with neck or shoulder pain, then it’s time to replace the pillows on your bed.

At Kelowna’s Majestic Mattress stores, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the best quality of sleep and comfort. Read our pillow recommendations and sleep better tonight!

Kelowna Back Sleepers

When selecting a pillow, there are endless choices and options to consider including filling, thickness and softness. The pillow you ultimately decide on will depend on your body shape, size and sleeping position. The purpose of your pillow is to adequately support your head and align your neck with the rest of your spine.

Sleeping on your back is generally the best position for your spine and neck. However, an ill-fitted pillow can disrupt your sleep quality and trigger headaches, neck pain and arm numbness. In order to keep your neck and spine in the best alignment, we recommend a low to medium-thick pillow. This ensures your head and neck remain closer to the mattress.

Finding the pillow with the right height is key. Your goal is to have your head rest squarely on your shoulders. Placing a smaller pillow under your knees will alleviate pressure on your lower back. 

Stomach Sleepers

Since sleeping on your stomach places a lot of pressure on your lower back, we recommend trying to sleeping on your side and hugging a pillow. However, if sleeping on your stomach is the most comfortable position for you, then finding the best pillow is the next best thing to learning to sleep on your side.

It’s essential your mattress is firm in order to alleviate back pain as much as possible. As for your pillow, a stomach sleeper will benefit from a thinner pillow. A thinner pillow will help keep your neck properly aligned.

Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side we recommend a medium to high-thickness and firm pillow. It’s important to pay attention to the height of your pillow. The ideal height will keep your neck aligned with your spine and fill the gap between your head and neck. If you experience shoulder or neck pain, consider the firmness and height of your pillow. 

Placing a soft, low-density pillow between your knees will provide additional support for your lower back. This will help alleviate back pain and ensure your upper hip and pelvis are aligned with your lower back and spine. 

Pillow Filling Considerations for All Types of Sleepers

Regardless of your preferred sleeping style, latex pillows and wool pillows are excellent choices. However, selecting the correct thickness and softness is essential. Latex pillows are long-lasting, mould quickly for comfort and they are ideal for allergy sufferers because they repel dust mites. We offer a selection of latex pillows to choose from.

Wool pillows are another excellent choice. They are adjustable, which means you can remove wool to make them softer or add more wool to firm them up, they draw moisture away from the body, are naturally flame resistant and they regulate your body temperature so you don’t go into thermal stress! Plus they are completely machine washable and repeal dust mites because it is a dry environment which helps in your overall breathing at night if you have respiratory problems. Sleep more comfortably tonight with our organic wool pillow or Shafesbury wool pillow.

We are dedicated to finding you the best pillow for you. Drop by one of our Majestic Mattress showrooms in Kelowna or West Kelowna or contact us at 250-860-4453.

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