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The Art of Taking a Nap

The Art of Taking a Nap

Everyone loves a good nap.


But sometimes a nap can make you feel groggy throughout the day and keep you up during the night.


What gives?


There are actually ways that you can prevent these unpleasant side-effects of napping. Follow these tips and you’ll nap like a pro:


Time it Right


When it comes to naps, timing is everything.


If you nap for too long, you risk staying awake all night. But if you nap too little, you risk feeling groggy.


So, what is the sweet spot?


The optimal amount of time to nap is between 20-30 minutes. This allows your body to rest just enough so you feel energized for the day.


But if you have the time, it’s actually best to nap for a full 90 minutes.


During sleep, your body cycles in and out of REM. A full cycle lasts around 90 minutes. So, if you nap for this long, you will feel completely rested.


Check the Clock


Before you nap, check the clock.


You definitely don’t want to nap too late in the day or you risk staying up all night.


The best time to nap is after lunch, but before 3pm. Any later than 3pm, and you might not be able to fall asleep.


Keeping your circadian rhythm in check is extremely important. It not only affects your sleep cycle, but your overall health.


So, keep this in mind when you take a nap.


Get Out of Bed


If you don’t want to be groggy after your nap, get out of bed!


It’s tempting to lay in bed and swipe through your phone after a nap but resist the urge. It will only make you feel more tired.


Instead, jump out of bed immediately after you wake up.


Try to get into sunlight so your body can recognize that it’s time to be awake.


There are other ways you can trick your body out of a slump:

  • Washing your face with cold water
  • Eating a light snack
  • Going for a slow walk
  • Lifting weights


Doing any of these small activities after a nap will help you feel energized for your day.


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