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The Benefits of Using a Mattress Pad

The Benefits of Using a Mattress Pad


When we buy a home or a car, we often treat it with care because it’s a large investment. We insure it and do everything we can to keep it safe.


Mattresses should be treated in the same way.


They are large investments—whether it be an investment with our money or with our health—that we need to care for.


And for the same reasons why we insure our homes and our cars, we need to insure our mattresses. That’s where mattress pads come in.


What is a Mattress Pad?


A mattress pad is a protective sheet that you put over your mattress to protect it from spills, soils, or mistakes.


Majestic Mattress’s protective pads are made out of ultra-thin terry fabric that allows vapour to pass through the material, but no liquid molecules. This means that while they are waterproof, they are also breathable.


In turn, these mattress pads extend the life of the mattress by keeping it clean and by preventing dust mites from getting in.


Who Needs a Mattress Pad?


The simple answer to this question is everyone!


Mattress pads are not only for young children who still happen to have accidents in bed. They’re for all age groups because spills are a part of life.


What are the Types of Mattress Pads?


Here at Majestic Mattress, we sell three different types of mattress pads—all of which are guaranteed to protect your bed.




The Sentinel Mattress Pad is completely leak proof and spill proof. This mattress protector is perfect if you’re still managing nighttime accidents.


This sheet is made out of 80% cotton and 20% polyester.


Guardian Mattress Pad


The Guardian Mattress Pad is made of an ultra-thin terry fabric that prevents all moisture from passing through. This is one of the best protectors on the market.


Shaftesbury Wool Mattress Pad


The Shaftesbury Wool Mattress Pad is the ultimate protector on the market for its high-quality materials.


Wool is desirable for bedding products because it’s hypoallergenic, organic, and temperature regulated. When you sleep with a wool mattress pad, it will keep you cool in the summer months, and warm in the winter months.


This mattress pad is 100% biodegradable and 100% organic.


Learn more about how you can extend the life of your mattress by contacting Majestic Mattress in Kelowna and West Kelowna today! Our staff is always happy to help you with all your questions and inquiries.