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The Pillows of Your Dreams

The Pillows of Your Dreams

There are many factors that affect your sleep quality, including your pillow. If you sleep on a pillow that doesn’t align with your personal needs, you risk having a bad night’s sleep. So, if you’re looking for the pillow of your dreams, consider our two new pillows here at Majestic Mattress. Our thermal balance pillows and memory fibre pillows have new technology that cater to any type of sleeper.

Thermal Balance Pillows

One of the best parts about lying your head down on your pillow to go to sleep is the feeling of its coolness on your skin. What if I told you that this wonderful feeling doesn’t have to be only a few moments long? With a thermal balance pillow, your pillow will stay cool for the entire night!

The cool-touch fabric absorbs your body heat and displaces it away from the surface of the pillow, keeping the surface cool throughout the night. This fabric also has moisture management technology that wick away any sweat.

If you tend to get warm during the night, or you simply prefer a cooler space, then the thermal balance pillow is the best pillow for you. Because of the cooling technology, your sleep quality will increase.

Memory Fibre Pillows

Memory fibre pillows combine the best parts of down and memory foam pillows into one. The memory fibre pillows offer similar support, spinal alignment, and pressure relief as memory foam, but they are not hard. They feel just as soft as down, so you can sleep in your preferred sleeping position.

The difference between memory fibre and down is that the memory fibre retains its shape. So, you never have to worry about your pillow going flat and hard after sleeping on it all night.

If you like soft, lightweight pillows, but require extra support while sleeping, the memory fibre pillow is best for you.


Visit us here at Majestic Mattress to talk to us about how one of our new pillows will enhance your sleep quality. You are always welcome to try out our pillows in our show room to see which one is best for you.