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Here at Majestic Mattress, we try our best to maintain a positive, helpful environment everywhere we go – both inside and outside our stores. Our goal is to find you the perfect mattress, regardless of our own preferences and opinions, and with a selection of competitively priced, top quality mattresses, we are sure there is one that is ideal for you in our showroom.

Our commitment to our clientele means that we are constantly looking for ways to improve and change our services to suit you better. To this end, we encourage our clients to reach out on this review form – we can’t improve if we don’t know where to focus our efforts! Please celebrate the successes of our team, or share some areas where we can still grow. There is a chance here for everyone to win, we greatly appreciate your time and all the comments we receive! Rest assured that we will take the time needed to review and address all of the comments we receive.


Thank you!

The Entire Team at Majestic Mattress