Standard Foam

Standard Foam

A foam mattress is a great alternative when a spring mattress just isn’t an option.

Special sizes, clipped corners and even specific shapes can all be achieved with a foam mattress. This specially manufactured bed can be tailored to your individual needs by adjusting the firmness level, thickness and even the profiles of foam.

Majestic Mattress uses a 1.8 lb density foam which will last approximately 5 years under normal residential use.

The outer coverings can be designed to produce soft, luxurious feels or specialty health care fabrics can be used for medical requirements.

The only thing that limits your options is your imagination!

Majestic Mattress also sells custom order foam for any size. We have a great in store selection of foam to choose from showing a wide variety of firmness levels and quality. Come in to shop or call for a price!

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