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The Wonders of Wool Duvets

The Wonders of Wool Duvets

Everyone’s familiar with down duvets – they’re fluffy, warm comforters. There’s seemingly nothing better than jumping into bed to snuggle into it! But maybe there is something better. Wool duvets have hit the industry by storm and have impressed sleepers of all types with its natural temperature regulating properties and easiness to wash, among other things.


The Downfalls of Duck


Down is the soft layer of feathers underneath a duck’s tough, exterior feathers. This layer is great at preventing heat loss for the birds who are perpetually swimming in cold waters. The feathers also keep perspiration and wetness close to the duck’s core to maintain a stable body temperature.

For these reasons, down bedding does a good job at keeping people warm. Maybe even too good of a job.

During the night, we naturally perspire about a litre of sweat. But since the down feathers in the duvet keep the wetness at the surface of the covers, there’s nowhere else for your sweat to go than to stay on your skin or be absorbed by the sheets. Because of this, you end up feeling hot, sweaty, cold, and clammy throughout the night.

The Wonders of Wool


What’s so amazing about wool is that it’s naturally moisture resistant. It wicks moisture away from your body and allows it to evaporate elsewhere, keeping you dry throughout the night.

Wool duvets also wash easy. With down duvets, you have to take it to a specialty cleaner to get it cleaned. With a wool duvet, all you need to do is throw it in the washing machine and you’re done!

Other impressive qualities that wool duvets offer is that they’re odor resistant and hypoallergenic. This makes these types of duvets perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Wool tends to be more heavyweight than down, but you can buy wool duvets in three different weights: summer weight, regular weight, and deluxe weight. This ensures that sleepers of all kinds get the comfort they need for the best quality sleep.


If you’re considering getting a new duvet, talk to us at Majestic Mattress where we’re happy to answer all your questions about wool duvets.