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5 Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries & Ease Your Mind Before Bed

5 Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries & Ease Your Mind Before Bed


Do you ever feel a surge of anxiety specifically on Sundays?


Well, you’re not alone.


The Sunday scaries are extremely common and they come from anticipating the upcoming week.


Sunday is the last day of the weekend and is usually the day that most people prepare for the week ahead. While this may be a productive day for some, for others it’s extremely stressful.


You may worry about upcoming work deadlines, social events, or even home life.


And although it’s the same routine week after week, the Sunday scaries keep returning, and they keep buzzing through our heads the night before Monday.


So that you can have a relaxing weekend and a good night’s sleep before the start of the week, here are five ways to beat the Sunday scaries:


  1. Prepare for the Upcoming Week Before Sunday


A lot of the time, planning and list making eases anxiety because everything you need to do is spelled out right in front of you.


But what happens if you forget to write something down on that list, but you can’t remember what it is?


This can be a source of anxiety that will make you feel unprepared.


So, instead of planning and list-writing on Sunday, try doing it on Friday or Saturday.


This gives you a few extra days to think about the list, so you don’t stress about it all of Sunday.


Having the week planned out well in advance will make you feel more relaxed by the time the end of the weekend comes.


  1. Set Aside Some Productive Time


Although one of the best ways to beat Sunday anxiety is to relax and take your mind off of the impending week, sometimes, nothing else makes you feel better than doing something productive.


So, do exactly that!


Set aside some time to be productive if it will make you feel better about your day. If you have some shopping that needs to be done, or some cooking, try to get it done in the morning, so you have the rest of the day to relax.


  1. Spend Time Away from Your Computer


Whether you realize it or not, social media can be a big source of anxiety.


Trying to catch up with all your friends and family and seeing all of their photos from over the weekend can be overwhelming. So, try not to touch your phone or computer.


This will ultimately help you relax and focus on what’s important—your mental health.


  1. Practice Mindfulness Meditation


Oftentimes, anxiety comes from thinking about a time other than the present. And on Sunday’s you’re most likely thinking of the future.


But no matter how much you think about it, there’s nothing you can do to change the future.


So, spend your Sunday not thinking about the future, but thinking about the present.


The best way to do this is to practice mindfulness meditation. Whether you follow a guide or practice at your own pace, this type of meditation will bring your mind to the present.


  1. Relax Before Bedtime


If the Sunday scaries tend to keep you up at night, try to make relaxation a part of your bedtime routine.


Turn off all electronics before bed, drink a cup of tea, and read a book. All of this will put you in the present moment and help your mind and body prepare for a restful night.


For more sleep tips and tricks, explore our blog. If you’ve been thinking about other ways to enhance your sleep quality, talk to our staff at Majestic Mattress to learn more about how a brand-new mattress can help.