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The Most Sustainable Mattresses on the Market

The Most Sustainable Mattresses on the Market

As consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchases, sustainable shopping has become more and more popular.

This trend is not only for common goods like groceries and clothing, but for mattresses as well.

Unless we go back to using hay mattresses, there’s no way we can be 100% environmentally friendly when buying a new mattress, but we can always choose the most sustainable options to reduce our impact.

Choosing mattresses made of sustainable materials over traditional synthetic options can lower your carbon footprint and energy consumption in surprising ways. So, here’s a list of the most sustainable mattresses on the market:

Latex mattresses

Not only are latex mattresses arguably one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market (at least in my opinion), but they are also the most sustainable.

First and foremost, the mattress itself is made up of a natural, biodegradable materials. While latex looks like a lot of other manmade foams, it’s actually made from the sap of rubber trees which is a renewable source. This also means the natural foam is entirely biodegradable, so you can dispose of it safely, without harming the environment.

When it does come down to throwing away your mattress, you don’t have to do it so often with latex. The material itself is more durable so you can get a longer lifespan out of it. Not only does this take away the hassle, but it lowers your overall waste footprint.

An added bonus of buying latex over synthetic materials is that some producers opt to minimize their environmental impact by using renewable energy sources and implementing water conservation measures.

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Wool mattresses

While you won’t find a 100% wool mattress in stores, you will, however, find mattresses that replace the synthetic foam top layer for wool – a more sustainable option.

Just like latex, wool is a natural, renewable material, which makes the product far more sustainable than any synthetic materials. Wool is also biodegradable, so it will have a lower environmental impact than if the entire mattress were made of manmade materials.

But beyond just the mattress itself, what makes this option so sustainable is that it is a natural insulator. This means you’ll feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, so you won’t have to keep your air conditioning and heat on as high at night during the respective seasons. This reduced your overall energy consumption and lowers your carbon footprint.

Natural fibre mattresses

Natural fibre mattresses are made of materials such as cotton, hemp, and bamboo. While they’re not as commonly found in stores, you can often find them at independent businesses.

Like latex and wool mattresses, these are also made of renewable and biodegradable materials that can easily breakdown over time. But what truly makes these mattresses environmentally friendly is their production process.

Many natural fibre mattresses are made with minimal processing and are free of synthetic materials and chemicals. This lowers the factory’s environmental impact as fewer (harmful) resources are needed in production.

Another aspect to consider about natural fibre mattresses is that they tend to be more breathable than synthetic mattresses. These materials can help regulate your body temperature at night, which means you don’t have to rely on air conditioning and heating as much. In turn, you can lower your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Recycled foam mattresses

Buying a brand new, synthetic foam mattress is not the way to go if you’re looking to minimize your environmental impact. But nowadays, we’re seeing more and more companies use recycled foam.

By using recycled materials, factories reduce waste and conserve resources. This is because the recycled materials have already been extracted and processed, so using them in the production of new products helps to reduce the demand of for new raw materials.

Producing mattresses in this way always extends the lifespan of the synthetic foam, so factories don’t need to produce as much of this material in the long run.

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