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Benefits of Organic Cotton Mattress Quilts

Benefits of Organic Cotton Mattress Quilts

We often use the word organic when speaking about food. We know that buying organic means buying healthier and more natural foods. But our bodies and our earth come into contact with more than just food. What about the textiles we wear and touch? How do they affect our skin and our environment? There are health and environmental benefits to buying organic. That’s why organic products are becoming widely available across all industries, including the mattress business.

Now, all of our latex mattresses are upholstered with 100% organic cotton quilts.

The cotton is organic because it’s grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms.

Here’s why you should consider buying a latex mattress with an organic cotton quilt:

Environmental Benefits

The Organic Trade Association explains that the farming process for organic cotton uses methods and materials that are environmentally friendly. Organic farming maintains the health of soils and ecosystems. Additionally, farmers do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This promotes a healthy environment and a good quality of life for all involved – from framer to consumer.

Also, the farming of organic cotton requires 71% less water than non-organic farming.

Health Benefits

It makes sense that using organic fabrics are better for our health. Because organic cotton is not treated with fertilizers or pesticides, there are benefits for those of us who have sensitive skin. Many people have allergies or chemical sensitivities that cause skin irritation when in contact with non-organic materials. The organic cotton quilts on all our latex mattresses ensure that your skin is happy and healthy.

Production Benefits

Because we live in a consumer culture, it’s easy to forget where our products come from. We forget about the land that grows our cotton, the farmers who tend and harvest the crops, the workers who weave our textiles. When buying organic, we support every individual who works in the production process. Handling organic materials is much healthier for our farmers and workers because they do not encounter the chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Because our earth and our bodies are so important, all our latex mattresses here at Majestic Mattress are locally manufactured and are upholstered with 100% organic cotton. Come visit us to learn more about how a latex mattress can suit your individual needs.