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Why Your Next Bed Should Be an Organic Latex Mattress

Why Your Next Bed Should Be an Organic Latex Mattress

You likely heard your grandparents or parents mention the old adage,

“You should carefully invest in everything that separates you from the Earth- your shoes, your car tires, and your mattress”.

While we can’t help you with the shoes or the tires, we can offer some recommendations when it comes to mattresses. As our lives take on a faster pace, our sleep quality has never been more important. An organic latex mattress can improve the hours you spend between the sheets and create a healthier environment in your home for you and your family.

The Advantages of Organic Latex Mattresses

There are many different types of mattresses available on the market, which can make mattress shopping a little overwhelming for consumers like yourself. It is difficult to keep up with the new technologies that all seem to be endorsed as “space-age” by some astronaut who has no idea what your wants or needs are.

Without any confusing technical terms or technologies, organic latex mattresses are a firm style of bedding that caters to those who want to improve their sleep quality, and those who are mindful of health issues, non-organic chemicals and their effect on the environment.

Sleeping to Save the Environment

If your family is seeking out organic and environmentally friendly options when you visit the grocery store, wouldn’t you want to do the same when selecting a new mattress?

Latex comes directly from rubber tree farms, which produce their crop in a sustainable manner that involves very little processing. The actual latex is made from the sap that hides beneath the bark of the trees, so the same tree can be harvested many times without causing major harm.

Would you rather rest on a mattress made from the natural products of a tree, or a collection of chemicals that have been melted together? You can feel good about your purchase when you bring an organic latex mattress into your home, but you are also doing Mother Nature a favour when you decide you no longer need your mattress.

Instead of having inorganic, harmful chemicals in a landfill, the organic latex in your mattress will break down naturally.

Another positive of organic mattresses is that those with sensitive skin will have few to no reactions that are typically caused by chemicals in the bed.

Firm and Responsive Support

Latex has a wonderful elastic quality that forms to your body and pushes up against you as you sleep. Memory foam options typically take some time to return to their original shape, whereas the springy organic latex instantly bounces back to form. This means that your mattress is constantly supporting you throughout the night, in the exact spots that you are applying pressure to.

This style of support and pressure can help with many back-related health issues, such as Fibromyalgia, spinal injuries, lower back pain and degenerative disc disease. This is achieved by giving your body and back constant support, cradling the spine, helping to obtain proper alignment.

Long Live Latex!

Organic latex mattresses can last for a very long time, often up to 20 years or more. If cared for properly, investing in a latex mattress will bring your family benefits for many years to come, while other mattress materials will begin to break down and lose their support after 8-10 years of use.

Latex Mattresses Are Cool

There is nothing worse than waking up t0 a hot bed.

Organic latex mattresses provide a cooler sleep than their competitors, especially memory foam. Many people gravitate towards memory foam for its body contouring features but soon discover that it traps and holds body heat, which can cause a less than ideal sleeping environment.

The cells inside a latex mattress are open, which allows air to move freely underneath you while you sleep, which keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

When you pair an organic latex mattress from Majestic Mattress with one of our latex pillows, you’ll find that the temperature of your bed stays consistent throughout the night.

Best Hypoallergenic Mattress

The open cell structure of a latex mattress that keeps it cool is also a great feature when it comes to fighting allergies. Latex naturally resists moisture, which therefore stops the growth of mildew and mold.

Latex also repels dust mites and the majority of allergens which makes it a perfect option for anyone who struggles with any sort of allergies. Industrial chemicals and VOCs, which are found in most non-organic mattresses, have been known to contribute to allergy symptoms and may also cause a whole other slew of issues including scarring of the lungs and cancer.

But what if you are allergic to latex?

Nine out of ten times, a person that has an allergy to latex can still utilize a latex mattress. If you have an extreme allergy, it would be best to consult your doctor or specialist before investing.

If you live in the Okanagan, the Majestic Mattress team would love to show you some of these organic latex mattress benefits in person. We have two retail locations! Come visit us on the north side of Kelowna located off of Hwy 97 or in West Kelowna on Industrial Road. You can always browse our inventory online and call for more details! 250.860.4453

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