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Do Weighted Blankets Actually Relieve Insomnia?

Do Weighted Blankets Actually Relieve Insomnia?

With 40% of the Canadian population living with sleep disorders, there’s no wonder why so many companies and manufacturers are seeking new and creative ways to help us fall asleep.


A few years ago, versions of the weighted blanket hit the market by storm, claiming that they help manage anxiety and insomnia.


As a result, a massive hype broke out over these blankets. But, do weighted blankets actually do what they say they do? Do they actually relieve insomnia?


Science has proven that they do have positive effects on peoples’ sleeping patterns. Here’s how:


They Provide a Calming Experience


Weighted blankets create a calming experience because they offer deep touch pressure.


Deep touch pressure, or deep pressure stimulation, is when weight is gently and evenly spread over the body. We’ve all experienced DTP in some way, like receiving a hug or a massage.


When we experience this, serotonin levels in the body rise. This natural brain chemical creates the feeling of calmness, increases sensory processing, and regulates mood, among other things.


This relaxes you before bed, allowing you to fall asleep more quickly.


In fact, studies show that weighted blankets work to help people feel more settled before bed.


They Help Your Body Produce Melatonin


As mentioned above, weighted blankets help your body produce serotonin, which makes you feel calm and relaxed.


Along with that, though, serotonin also builds up melatonin levels in your brain.


Melatonin is a natural chemical in your brain that makes you feel tired at night. Having a proper level of melatonin will maintain your circadian rhythm, helping you fight insomnia.


They Decrease Tossing and Turning


One of the reasons why many Canadians suffer from insomnia is because they have other sleep related issues, like restless leg syndrome.


Weighted blankets help sleepers who toss and turn in the night by holding them in place. The weight of the blanket makes you feel more secure in your position.


Consumers report that after having slept with the weighted blanket, they felt more awake and refreshed in the morning compared to their usual.


With all the scientific backup on the effectiveness of weighted blankets, it appears as though the hype for these new insomnia stoppers is genuine.


Now after hearing all of this, are you wanting to buy one? Learn what weight of blanket is best for you:


Body Weight (lbs)Blanket Weight (lbs)


Typically, weighted blankets should be around 10% of your body weight, plus a few extra pounds. Although, this is just a guide. Choose the weight that you feel most comfortable using—whether it be heavier or lighter than what’s recommended.


Want to learn more about how to have a better sleep? Talk to one of our experts at Majestic Mattress. We’re always happy to help!