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Hydrotherapy: The Secret to Better Sleep

Hydrotherapy: The Secret to Better Sleep

Sleep is such a simple thing. But it doesn’t come easy for some people.


And by some people, I mean a lot of people.


In fact, 40% of Canadians live with sleep disorders.


Since sleep affects so many facets of our lives, including our relationships, health, and happiness, we’re all searching for a cure-all trick that will help us drift into slumber more easily.


With hydrotherapy, though, that search can come to an end.


What is Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy is the use of water to treat various conditions and ailments. This can be done with a hot tub or a swim spa.


Those who have arthritis, circulation issues, and muscle pain find hydrotherapy to be a successful form of relief.


The reason why hot tubs are so successful at treating these maladies (among others) is because the hot water increases circulation, bringing vital nutrients to all parts of your body. This encourages healing throughout the body.


Not only is hydrotherapy great for your overall health, it’s phenomenal for falling asleep.


Hydrotherapy and Sleep


After a warm bath or a long soak in the hot tub, you probably felt quite sleepy.


This isn’t a random happenstance.


Actually, hot water therapy is linked to better sleep. Here’s why:


When you lay in bed and are about to fall asleep, your brain naturally lowers your body temperature. This change in temperature is a key component to falling asleep.


When you get out of a bath or a hot tub, your body temperature drops due to the comparable coolness of the air. This mimics the natural occurrence that happens right before you go to sleep.


The Secret to Better Sleep


Practicing hydrotherapy before you go to sleep—even if it’s only for a few minutes—will help you fall asleep faster and help you have a better sleep.


Hydrotherapy is a fantastic option for those who have sleep issues because it’s 100% natural and proven by science.


To learn more about having a great sleep, contact our experts at Majestic Mattress. We’re always happy to help you!


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