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The Best Mattress for Back Pain

The Best Mattress for Back Pain

It’s widely believed that firm mattresses are best for those who suffer from back pain.


But this isn’t always the case.


In fact, having a bed that’s too firm can actually cause back pain for its lack of support and cushion.


That being said, firm mattresses are generally better for those who have pain, but it needs to be the right one for you.


The best mattress for relieving back pain is the organic latex because of its ergonomic design and universal comfort.


Organic Latex Mattresses for Back Pain


Latex mattresses are the best beds for those who suffer from back pain because they offer unparalleled support.


The beds are designed to cradle your body without creating the feeling that you’re being pulled into the mattress. This cradling ensures that all areas of your body are braced so that your muscles and ligaments can rest and recover during the night.


Another reason why this cradling is beneficial for those with pain is because it reduces your movement throughout the night. Tossing and turning while you sleep can cause you to wake up with even more back pain than what you feel asleep with, so it’s best to keep your body as still as possible.


The Firmness Factor


The firmness of the mattress certainly makes a difference when you’re dealing with back pain. Generally, soft mattresses aren’t ideal, but neither are extremely firm ones.


Back and stomach sleepers are better offer with medium-firm mattresses so their backs can be supported without too much cushion.


Side sleepers, though, are better off with a certain degree of surface cushion so there isn’t too much pressure on their hips and shoulders.


If you don’t have a specific sleeping style, you can’t go wrong with a medium-firm bed.


The best part about latex mattresses is that they range from soft to hard, so you can choose what’s best for you.


Sleep Guarantee


To ensure you’ve chosen the right mattress for you, Majestic Mattress offers a seven-night sleep guarantee. If you find your new latex mattress doesn’t help with your back pain, you can get a full refund.


Learn more about how you can relieve back pain with a latex mattress, contact Majestic Mattress today!