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How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep in a Heat Wave

How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep in a Heat Wave

If you haven’t already noticed, British Columbia is a bit hotter this summer than usual. And by a bit, I mean a lot.


The Okanagan has seen temperatures as high as 39 degrees this July, making it one of the hottest seasons on record.


And although the heat makes for great beach days, it certainly doesn’t make for good nights.


Trying to fall asleep in a heat wave can seem like an impossible task. Especially if your home doesn’t have air conditioning.


So, if you’re struggling to fall asleep because of the heat, check out these tips that will help you stay cool for bedtime.


Take a Cold Bath or Shower


To fall asleep comfortably, our bodies need to feel a certain temperature. And oftentimes, extreme heat will put our body temperature slightly out of sorts.


The best way to cool yourself down before bed is to take a cold shower or bath. This will help lower the temperature of your skin so that you can have a restful sleep.


If you’re not keen on getting your whole body wet, try soaking your feet in cold water. Sometimes, that’s just enough to bring your body temperature down.

Another trick is to briefly place ice packs or cold cloths on the back of your neck, your arm pits, and your groin. Your blood flows closest to the skin in these three areas, so targeting them with cold compresses will help you feel cool.


Improve Your Sleep Environment


Although many of us have made our bedrooms our sleep sanctuaries, during a heat wave, you may have to give it up for a colder room in your home.


If your bedroom is on the top floor of your house, it may be warmer than the downstairs rooms since heat rises. You may have a better sleep if you opt for the living room sofa or basement suite.


If changing rooms is not an option for you, try to create more airflow in your bedroom by keeping the window open at night, turning on a fan, and keeping the door open to the hallway. Sometimes the movement of air is all you need for a good night’s sleep.


Avoid Exercise Before Bed


Exercise is an important part of our daily routine that maintains our physical and mental health. But you should avoid exercising too close to your bedtime if you want to have a decent sleep during the heat wave.


When you exercise, your internal body temperature rises. This rise in body temperature can sometimes last for a few hours after your workout. So, if you exercise too close to your bedtime, you may be adding fuel to the fire—not only is your room hot, so is your body.


If you are going to exercise, make sure it’s a few hours before you intend on going to bed. This will give your body enough time to drop its temperature back down to normal.


Other things you should avoid right before bed include hot drinks, spicy melas, and hot showers.


For more information on getting a good night’s rest, talk to our staff at Majestic Mattress. We can give you advise on which mattresses and pillows are best for temperature regulation during the hot summers and cold winters.