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Why You Should Always Buy a Mattress In-Store

Why You Should Always Buy a Mattress In-Store


Online shopping has become one of the most popular ways to shop—especially during COVID-19.


And companies have been making it easier and easier for shoppers, selling everything from clothing to household goods to groceries.


Even though it may be simple to buy everything online, there are still some products that you’re better off buying in-store.


Mattress is one of those things.


Here are some of the reasons why you should steer clear of buying a mattress online, and instead, buy one from your local store:


Full-Service Experience


Although shopping online may seem easier, getting the information you need about the products in mind is much more difficult. You may find yourself surfing the web for hours on end just to learn about the product you’re buying.


When you purchase a mattress in-store, you get a full-service experience. Not only do you get to see all the beds in front of you, you can become well-informed while in the store. This is a personalized shopping experience that’s enhanced by expert advice.


Not only does this full-service experience happen in-store, it extends beyond the building’s walls to your home.


Majestic Mattress in Kelowna and West Kelowna will deliver your mattress to your home, help you set it up, and remove your old mattress.


This is the type of service you just don’t get when you buy a mattress online.


Product Testing


One thing that online shopping doesn’t allow you to do is to test your product.


It’s true, though, that we can’t always tell if a mattress is right for us until a few days of sleeping on it, but it’s always important to test your bed before you bring it home.


When you shop at your local mattress store, you can test out any mattress you want to figure out which one would be best for you.


Even if a friend recommends a mattress, it doesn’t mean it will be good for you since everyone is different. It’s for this reason why we can’t always rely on online articles and product reviews when buying a bed.


Simple Returns


As mentioned before, we don’t always know if a mattress will be good for us until after we sleep on it for a few nights.


So, what happens if you don’t like your mattress after a few days?


If you bought it online, returning your mattress can be a cumbersome experience that involves contacting the supplier (who is not usually local), rolling your mattress back into a spiral, and boxing it up.


If you bought your mattress at a local store, returning it is as easy as pie.


Here at Majestic Mattress we have a 7-day sleep guarantee. So, if your mattress doesn’t work for you, you can return it hassle free.


Local Help


If you have any further questions about the product you recently bought, you would typically go back to the company that sold it to you.


When you buy something online, it’s not always easy to get ahold of the company. You may have to wait on hold for several hours, or chat with an online bot for answers.


When you buy your mattress at a local store, product support is only a phone call away. Here at Majestic Mattress, we are always happy to help our customers—whether you reach out by phone or stop by one of our stores.


So, when you think about buying a new mattress, consider these points. You will never regret buying from your local mattress store here in Kelowna and West Kelowna.


For more information on buying a mattress, contact Majestic Mattress today!