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Why You Should Raise Your Mattress Off the Floor

Why You Should Raise Your Mattress Off the Floor

There’s nothing better than snuggling into a warm bed after a long, hard day. It seems as though once we lay down, all of the stress that was trapped in our muscles and bones release, preparing us for a night of quality sleep.


Although the quality of our sleep often depends on our routines and our mattresses, the placement of our bed also makes a significant difference.


When your bed is placed directly on the floor without a bed frame, the quality of your sleep can diminish due to a variety of reasons. Here is why you should raise your mattress off the floor:


Exposure to Dust


When your bed is placed directly on the floor, you’re closer to the dust that accumulates on the ground.


Being so close to dust and dirt is bad for your health as you breath it in over time.


Breathing in dust can cause many health issues, such as persistent cough, hay fever, and asthma attacks. In worst case scenarios, breathing in dust can actually cause pulmonary disease.


Raising your bed off the ground with a bed frame lifts you away from these dangerous particles, making sure you sleep safely and soundly.


Less Airflow


Placing your bed on the floor means that you don’t get much airflow.


You’ll probably find that when sleeping on the floor, the air feels a bit stuffier than if you were higher up.


But the stuffiness does not only affect you while you sleep, it affects your mattress as well.


At night, it’s common to sweat in your sheets. And while there’s less air flow, you’re more likely to sweat. The moisture from your body will collect in your mattress over time, and because there’s little circulation to dry it out, your mattress can collect mould.


Overall, these are not ideal sleeping conditions. And all of this can be avoided by putting your bed on a bed frame.


More Likely to Get Bedbugs


Bedbugs are possibly one of the worst things to get in your bed. Not to mention that they’re gross, they’re hard to get rid of.


When your mattress sits on the floor, bed bugs are more likely to make home in your bed and multiply. This is because these bugs can be found on the floor—in corners, in the carpet, and other small spaces.


When your bed is raised off the ground, it’s less likely to collect bugs. Just make sure your sheets don’t drag on the floor!


Discomfort for Side Sleepers


If you sleep on your side, it’s probably not a good idea to have your mattress on the floor. Without a box-spring or bedframe, your mattress naturally has less spring to it—meaning it becomes a little harder. This is not ideal if you sleep on your side.


The pressure on your shoulder and hips will become too much, causing you unnecessary aches and pains.


When you have a box-spring and bedframe, your bed has more give, which means you will have a better quality of sleep.


If you’re interested in purchasing a bedframe, contact Majestic Mattress in Kelowna and West Kelowna. We’re happy to help you with all of your mattress needs.