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Find an RV Mattress That is Perfect for You

Find an RV Mattress That is Perfect for You

Majestic Mattress offers quality RV mattresses, so that your comfort on the road is no different than at home! These mattresses are specially sized to fit inside an RV, ensuring that you make an effective use of the limited space. At Majestic Mattress, we only offer beds that will allow you a peaceful sleep, so you will wake up feeling rested and ready for whatever the day may hold. Whether you are planning to kayak at a new lake, or are still driving to your next location, a good bed will allow your muscles to relax throughout the night so you have a deep sleep without the tossing and turning to find the right spot!

RV Mattresses - Okanagan Beds | Majestic Mattress

The Best RV Mattress in the Okanagan

Majestic Mattress has been manufacturing RV mattresses for over 30 years, and we have used that experience and knowledge to create a truly outstanding mattress for on the road. Our amazing Aurora mattress is a popular selection for RVs. This mattress is a Euro Top, with a “no border rod” construction, meaning the mattress will bend to be put into an RV. A ¾” thick layer of blue cooling gel memory foam covers the top, perfect for the hot Summer nights! Keep your body cool and cradled with memory foam that won’t increase heat, but will instead let heat dissipate as you lay there. Ideal for camping in the bush or taking off to a lake, the Aurora is a top pick for RV comfort and affordability! It is offered in all sizes, with custom sizes also available if you have a different style of RV and need a specially made mattress to fit. The RV Queen measures in at 60X75″, and the RV King is 72X80″. You will definitely want to measure the space in your RV, as these special sizes are more costly than standard sizing, so if you have a spare 5 – 10 inches in length you might be able to fit in a standard Aurora. Lastly, it is 10.75″ thick, so be sure the height will not be an issue for your RV. Try it out in-store at our Kelowna or West Kelowna locations!

RV Mattresses - Okanagan Beds | Majestic Mattress

Shipping Mattresses to Your Door Across Canada

Did you know we ship across Canada? Our mattresses can be found across Western Canada and even further. We ship directly to your curbside, so there is no need to get a truck just to pick up your new mattress!

Here are the shipping rates for a Queen-sized Aurora Mattress (60X75X10.75″, 100LBS) to the following Cities:

Vancouver: $100.00 + GST

Edmonton: $130.00 + GST

Calgary: $130.00 + GST

Winnipeg: $140.00 + GST

Toronto: $180.00 + GST


We look forward to helping you find your next mattress in the Okanagan or Western Canada! Call Majestic Mattress at 1-250-860-4453 to get the best advice when it comes time to upgrade or purchase a new bed.