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Best Deal on Queen Mattresses in Kelowna!

Best Deal on Queen Mattresses in Kelowna!


When we talk to the residents of Kelowna about what they are looking for in a mattress, the message is consistent: they want a really great product, at a really great price. If you are searching for a deal on an incredibly comfortable queen size mattress in Kelowna- you have come to the right place.


How Can Majestic Mattress Give Me the Best Deal?

When we first thought of opening a mattress related business, we wanted to give consumers another option. The market was full of retailers with bloated floor prices that would be reduced to a normal price during their “sales”. Why is the normal pricing of the average retailer so high? The inflated price tags are the result of retailers adding their large profit margins to the original manufacturer’s price.

So what did we do? We eliminated the middleman.

When you purchase from Majestic Mattress, you are purchasing mattresses that are constructed with similar component parts as leading name brand manufacturers but assembled with our own label, allowing us to sell for less! We effectively eliminated the inflated prices that Kelowna residents were accustomed to and introduced everyday low pricing. We don’t have sales because our prices are already as low as they can go. We never adopted big brand marketing tactics and we don’t offer commissions on the sale of our mattresses, all of which creates savings which we pass onto our loyal customers!

No massive profit margins, no wondering when the best time to buy is, no confusion.   


Does Majestic Mattress Provide a Quality Product?

Our Team is extremely proud of our everyday low pricing but we always ensure that the quality is never sacrificed in the process. Our 30 years of experience with mattresses enables us to create products that are affordable, durable and extremely comfortable! Coil spring, memory foam, organic latex, and specialized RV mattresses always impress our clients. Our team is full of sleep quality experts that can match your body type and sleep preferences to the correct mattress, creating the best quality of sleep you could ever dream of!


What is an Example of a High-Quality Queen Size Mattress at a Great Price?

We have many great mattress options to choose from but of course, we have favourites. At the moment we love the Aurora Euro Top Mattress. For just over $400 you get a queen size mattress that incorporates a blue cooling gel memory foam and is finished with a deluxe quilt with coolmax fabric. Do you want to have many deep, restful nights of sleep? Get this mattress into your bedroom, lower your heat a little and we promise you will sleep peacefully throughout the entire night. No more waking up and kicking the blankets away from being too hot!

Other mattress companies may advertise a special mattress or “deals” but when you arrive at the store, you find out that they are all out of stock. The discounted mattresses always seem to sell out quickly, leaving consumers to choose from the remaining, heavily inflated options. At Majestic Mattress, a major aspect of our business model is to keep inventory fully stocked at all of our locations for immediate pick up or delivery. What does that mean for you as a consumer? When you find a mattress that you love online or in our store, you get to take it home that day, no waiting around for a shipment to come in!


Come Get Your New Mattress Today!

A massive inventory of mattresses is waiting for you at Majestic Mattress. Don’t worry, we all sizes of mattessress in stock, including twin, queen and king as well as a plethora of sleep-related accessories such as duvets and pillows to keep you warm and cosy this winter.

Need further convincing? All of our mattresses come with a 7 Day- Money Back Sleep Guarantee. Our competitors won’t offer you that!

Visit one of our locations in North or West Kelowna today and get ready to fall in love with your new mattress!