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What Is the Purpose of a Box Spring?

What Is the Purpose of a Box Spring?

Have you ever wondered why we put box springs beneath our mattresses?


It’s not like they make our beds more comfortable than they already are.


So, what’s the point?

Well, there are actually plenty of reasons why box springs are so important to have beneath our mattresses. Here are just some of the reasons:


They Raise the Height of the Mattress


One of the primary reasons why box springs are paired with mattresses is that they raise the height of the bed.


This makes sliding in and out of bed easier than if you were to have the sitting mattress directly on the floor.


Of course, you can raise the height of your bed even more by using a tall bed frame.


They Absorb the Weight of the Mattress


Possibly one of the most important features of a box spring is that they absorb the weight of the mattress.


When you lie on the mattress, the force going down must be absorbed into something. And that’s where the box spring comes in.


Because the box spring takes the brunt of the weight, the mattress lasts longer.


They Create a Flat Surface


When you don’t have your mattress laying on a flat surface, you’ll understand why the princess made such a big fuss about the pea.


Box springs make a perfectly flat surface for your mattress to sit upon, so you can have a good sleep.


They Allow the Mattress to Breathe


If your mattress sits on the floor without a box spring, it has no way to breathe.


A box spring fixes this issue by giving the mattress airflow from beneath. Your mattress will be able to dry, which ultimately extends its life.


If you’re in need of a box spring, contact your Kelowna mattress providers at Majestic Mattress. They’re always happy to help you with all your mattress needs!