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RV Mattresses

RV Mattresses

RV season is finally here! All of you vacationers are packing your bags and getting ready to hit the road. And while you’re on your vacations, you deserve good nights’ sleeps. But, even if you buy your dream RV, it doesn’t always mean it comes with your dream mattress. Unfortunately, RV manufacturers don’t always supply the best quality mattresses that offer you the nights’ rest you deserve. So, visit us at Majestic Mattress where we offer several kinds of comfortable, high-quality RV mattresses.




RV mattresses are unique in that they are a specific size for the vehicle. Although the mattresses are considered queen sized, they are actually shorter than a queen. Rather than being 80 inches long, they are 75 inches. Similarly, an RV king is slightly narrower than a standard king at 72 inches rather than 76.


We offer five types of mattresses in this size: Aurora Euro Top, Mackenzie Plush Tight Top, Pacifica Pillow Top, Organic Latex, and Supreme Organic Latex. Our wide variety allows you to choose the mattress that best suits your needs and preferences.




Mattress Pads

While on your RV vacation, you might be visiting rivers, lakes, or oceans, so water could trail into your vehicle. By having a mattress pad on your RV mattress, you keep it clean and free of moisture. Mattress pads wick away any moisture that it encounters, protecting your mattress from wetness and stains.



Your RV is your home away from home, so why not make your bed as comfortable as the one you usually sleep on? One way to maintain your comfort level is by using a high-quality pillow.


We now offer two new types of pillows that suit your personal sleeping preferences. If you tend to be warm during the night, a thermal balance pillow will keep you cool. This pillow draws heat away from the surface of the pillow, keeping you cool during the night. If you require more support from your pillow, the memory fibre pillow is best for you. This pillow has the lightness of a down pillow but the alignment benefits of a memory foam pillow.


So, before you head out on your RV adventure, be sure to have a comfortable mattress, so you can have the best vacation possible. Call or visit us at Majestic Mattress where we can help you with all your RV mattress needs.