Sleep Quality

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Mindfulness Practices for Better Sleep

In today’s modern age, when multi-tasking is never enough, shutting down our minds for sleep is difficult. We’ve all been there: laying on our beds, dog tired, with a million things running through our minds, keeping us awake. Maybe you’ve tried all the remedies – drinking a hot cup of tea, reading a paperback novel,…

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RV Mattresses

RV season is finally here! All of you vacationers are packing your bags and getting ready to hit the road. And while you’re on your vacations, you deserve good nights’ sleeps. But, even if you buy your dream RV, it doesn’t always mean it comes with your dream mattress. Unfortunately, RV manufacturers don't always supply…

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The Pillows of Your Dreams

There are many factors that affect your sleep quality, including your pillow. If you sleep on a pillow that doesn’t align with your personal needs, you risk having a bad night’s sleep. So, if you’re looking for the pillow of your dreams, consider our two new pillows here at Majestic Mattress. Our thermal balance pillows…

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